Surviving on $2 a day

Hello friends and family,

Next week we (delia, eshell, maya and asher) will be surviving on $2 a day for all food and drink as part of a campaign to raise awareness for global poverty –  1.4 BILLION people( roughly one-quarter of humanity) live below the poverty line.

If you'd like to support the cause, you can make a secure online donation here. We are trying to raise as much money as we can for this important cause.

After a couple of hours of negotiation and culling food, we've come in just under budget - i.e. $40 for 5 days for 4 people.

We’ll be making 2 loaves of bread and lots of chapati. Our luxury items include apples, popcorn, honey, cheese and butter. We have also given Esh a tea allowance to make him less grumpy.

See below our menu and shopping list.


Our Menu:


Breakfast: egg on toast

Lunch: veg soup (potato carrot onion rice) with chapati

Dinner: pasta with tomato and cheese


Breakfast: porridge

Lunch: pasta

Dinner: baked potatoes with cheese, coleslaw, beans


Breakfast:egg on toast

Lunch: majadara

Dinner: stir fry with veggies, curry, lentils, rice


Breakfast: porridge

Lunch: fried rice

Dinner: baked potatoes


Breakfast: porridge

Lunch: fried rice

Dinner: leftovers.

Our Shopping List

$1.20     Tomato Paste - 500g

$0.60     Diced Tomatoes  x 1 cans

$3.00     Honey - 500g

$1.15     Pasta - 1kg

$1.10     Rolled Oats - 750g

$4.50     Cheese -500g

$2.90     Eggs - 1 dozen

$0.85     Chicken stock x 10 cubes

$0.90     Coconut Cream x 1 can

$2.00     Frozen Stir Fry Vegies - 500g

$1.60     Flour - 2kg

$0.75     Curry Powder - 25g

$0.80     Salt - 500g

$1.80     Lentils x 2 can

$0.90     Kidney Beans x 1 can

$3.00     Rice - 2kg

$2.74     Apples x 12 apples

$3.00     Potatoes x 3kg

$1.50     Half a cabbage

$1.17     Carrots x 4

$1.70     Onions x 4

$1.40     Butter 250g

$0.50     Tea Allowance

$0.65     Popcorn - 190g


$39.71   Total