Book One:
A collection of well
loved recipes

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table of contents


chicken and sweetcorn soup
curried pumpkin soup
hearty minestrone soup
lentil, vegetable and lamb shank soup
pea soup with gnocchi dumplings
potato and leek soup
roasted red pepper, tomato and corn soup
tomato, carrot and lentil soup


meditteranean influenced:
baked ricotta
bruschetta with tomato and basil
caramelised onion, rosemary and goat’s cheese pizza
grilled mushrooms with marscapone, served on polenta rounds
individual asparagus pies
roasted pumpkin and feta filo triangles
spinach and ricotta triangles

asian inspired:
barbecued eggplant with miso sauce
california rolls
chicken san choi bow
chicken satays with spicy peanut sause
low fat vegetarian spring rolls
mini thai green curry pies
pumpkin, tofu and miso lettuce wraps
spicy roti wraps
steamed chicken and shitake mushroom dumplings
steamed tofu and vegetable dumplings
vegetarian san choi bow


beef with blackbean sause
chilli con carne
marinated eye fillet cooked on the barbeque
sweet and saucy mini meatballs
teriyaki beef

baked moroccan chicken
chicken with honey, soy and sesame seeds
low fat satay chicken stirfry
tandoori chicken with cucumber raita
baked baby barramundi - asian style
steamed salmon with ginger and spring onions
teriyaki salmon

barbecued lamb backstraps
osso bucco - peasant style
osso bucco - traditional style
souvlakia with a tomato and yoghurt sause

vegetarian mains
chickpea and vegie curry with toasted cashew nuts
chinese broccoli and shitake mushroom stir fry with noodles
indian dhal (lentils)
‘nivik’ (middle eastern dish of chickpeas and spinach)
penne pasta with tuna and sundried tomatoes
spanakopita (greek spinach pie)
spinach and ricotta cannelloni
spinach quiche
sweet potato and lentil burgers
teriyaki tofu
vegetarian eggplant moussaka
vegetarian lasagna

alon’s green olive salad
baby spinach salad with a tandoori dressing
barbecued asparagus topped with feta
couscous with chickpeas, roasted vegies and a tahini sauce
crunchy asian coleslaw
greek salad
green bean salad with a sesame dressing
japanese appetiser salad
roasted pumpkin and spinach salad with a curry dressing
salad of mixed greens with toasted seeds
smoked trout and penne salad
tomato salsa with feta cheese
warm oriental chicken salad
wild rice salad with toasted cashew nuts

baked vegie slice
cheesy polenta corn cakes
chinese fried rice
easy microwave rice
grilled polenta triangles
honey roasted pumpkin
low fat scalloped potatoes
marion’s spinach souffle
mexican guacamole
mini cheesy corn muffins
roasted french onion potatoes
roasted sweet potato with cumin


apple and rhubarb pudding
exotic fruit salad
french vanilla ice-cream with honeycomb pieces
miriam’s chocolate mousse
sticky date pudding
best ever chocolate cake
chocolate chiffon cake
individual carrot cakes
individual lemon tarts
individual strawberry tarts
mini scones with jam and cream
to die for cheesecake
warm apricot cake
warm coconut and lime syrup cake


double chocolate chip cookies
granny’s yummy ginger biscuits
mini meringues
yo yos
banana and double choc-chip muffins
raspberry and white chocolate chip muffins
cherry ripe slice
leah’s lemon slice
mars bar slice
rocky road


for a variety of occasions, featuring dishes from book one:

japanese banquet
asian yum-cha
sunday brunch
al fresco dinner
barbecue for a crowd
summer picnic
pre dinner nibbles
impromptu dinner
big family dinner
the in-laws are coming for dinner
afternoon tea
mexican fiesta
indian banquet
vegetarian feast