Book Two:
Tried and tested recipes


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table of contents


Cauliflower and asparagus soup
Chunky vegie, bean and osso bucco soup
Jodi’s tomato and red lentil soup
Lamb shank and barley soup
Mum’s amazing chicken soup with matzo balls
Smokey split pea soup
Thai sweet potato & coconut soup
Yummy onion soup with mushrooms & tofu


Artichoke filo cigars
Curried eggs
Hoisin chicken wraps
Low fat Thai fish cakes
Mini lamb, tahina & cauliflower pastries
Miriam’s club sandwiches
Open tuna, green pepper and mushroom pies
Pandan chicken
Pesto, pumpkin and ricotta pizza
Quick and easy salmon patties
Spinach and cheese dumplings
Thai chicken in lettuce cups


African peasant stew
Asian flavoured eye fillet
Saucy fillet with mushrooms
Stuffed peppers
Tasty beef stew with a hint of curry
Low fat Thai red curry

Mini chicken and veal meatballs
Mum’s best baked chicken
Oriental chicken with baby carrots
Peri peri chicken
Roast chicken with a hint of curry
Tasty chicken burgers with pine nuts & sweet chilli sauce
Za’atar chicken

Blue-eye on a bed of greens
Coconut fish curry
Cheesy tuna and penne bake
Dukkah coated snapper fillets
Essie’s Asian whole baked fish
Miso glazed salmon

French onion lamb shanks
Herb and mustard roast lamb
Our favourite rack of lamb
Traditional lamb shanks

Lemon veal with mushrooms
Veal goulash

Asparagus and cheese rigatoni bake
Chilli beans with mushrooms and silverbeet
Crunchy baked potatoes with all the trimmings
Lemon and asparagus risotto
Lentil and vegetable lasagne
Low fat vegie curry
Matzo lasagne with pumpkin and spinach
Pumpkin, tofu and chickpea stew
Tofu and cashew vegie burgers
Bean and brown rice tacos


Chinese cabbage with oyster sauce
Coconut raita
Corn, avocado and tomato salsa
Creamed spinach
Crunchy asparagus cigars
Crunchy potato latkes
Low fat coconut rice
Mediterranean stuffed peppers
Oven roasted cauliflower and brocolli
Oven roasted vegetables with rosemary and garlic
Pesach vegie slice
Smashed potatoes
Swieta’s Hungarian gnocchi


Asian snowpea and cabbage salad with crushed peanuts
Cauliflower and egg salad with a tahini dressing
Chicken schnitzel salad with a sweet chilli dressing
Crunchy green salad with a tangy avocado dressing
Gado Gado salad
Green bean salad with flaked almonds
Marian’s amazing potato salad
Roasted root vegetable, feta and walnut salad
Russian beetroot salad
Nissim’s tasty tabbouleh
Tabbouleh with broccoli, asparagus and feta
Thai beef salad
Warm Greek lamb salad


Feta, carrot, zucchini and poppy seed muffins
Pumpkin, pesto and olive muffins
Savoury matzo vegie muffins
Spinach, parmesan and feta muffins

Apple and honey muffins
Banana, white chocolate and caramel muffins
Chocolate fudge muffins
Jam doughnut muffins
Moist banana, blueberry and yoghurt muffins
Oatbran, coconut and chocolate chip muffins


Chinese almond cookies
Toffee-crunch almond biscuits


Almond and raspberry nougat
Granny’s apricot jam slice
Chocolate swirl cheesecake slice
Granny’s crunchy Anzac slice
Chocolate peanut butter brownies


Moist banana and choc-chip cake
Chocolate mud cake
Mini white chocolate cheesecakes
Miriam’s orange chiffon cake
Moist orange cake
Mum’s marble cake
Mini passionfruit tarts
Strawberry meringue cake


Aunty Jessie’s cheese blintzes
Apple, pear and coconut crumble
Strawberry trifle
Choc-mint mousse
Egg loaf bread and butter pudding
Halva and date icecream
Low fat berry tiramisu
Snickers and nutella icecream
Sunset fruit salad
Sweet cheese kugel


Bolognaise sauce
Cheesy-mite rollups
Chicken burritos
Delicious tomato and cheese pasta cups
Macaroni cheese
Potato moons (borekas)
Sausage roll-ups
Shepherd’s pie
Sweet and sticky chicken ribs
Tasty cheese and corn quiches
Tuna and corn latkes
Yummy vegie soup

Banana and maple syrup muffins
Chocolate balls
Choc- dipped strawberry freckles
Cornflake cookies
Snow white chocolate crackles
Gingerbread men
Hot chocolate fudge sundaes
Old fashioned lemonade
Iced cup cakes
Rainbow cake
Rainbow cookies
Sensational strawberry milkshakes
Sweet and fluffy pancakes
Tutti fruiti punch